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Add New Tip Of The Day

There are Custom Tips maintained on your local Foswiki installation, Official Tips distributed with the Tips Contrib, and Plugin Tips maintained by Plugin authors.

Add a Custom Foswiki Tip

Custom tips are located in the Main web. You can add custom tips that are specific to your installation and to your organization in general.

New Custom Tip: CustomTipTopic001

Add an Official Tip

Official tips are located in the System web. Please do not submit new tips on your local installation since they will get lost on a upgrade. Contribute to the Tips Contrib to add new official tips.
New Official Tip: TipTopic030

Add a Tip for a Plugin

If you are a Plugin author you can ship your Plugin Package with one (or more) tip of the day topic. Create the Plugin tip of the day topic here, then package it with your Plugin.

New Plugin Tip: (replace MyPlugin with the name of your Plugin, without the Plugin suffix (i.e, TipTopicForSpreadSheet if it was for the SpreadSheetPlugin))

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