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Foswiki Contribs

Extensions to Foswiki that are not System.plugins


The term "Contrib" is used to refer to any package that is not just a simple plugin.

Foswiki contribs may
  • extend the functionality of Foswiki, in a lower-level way than plugins,
  • or provide alternative implementations for sections of the Foswiki core e.g. user management, or when an extension just can't be implemented as a plugin because it requires very close access to Foswiki internals,
  • or they might provide other files that Foswiki uses, for example language files,
  • or they might be packages of topics that implement a "Wiki Application", using the wiki macro language, TML.

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See other types of extensions: ContributedAddOns, Plugins, Skins

Foswiki Contribs Installed on this site

Number of topics: 11

Installing Contribs

  • Use configure to browse to the list of extensions available from
  • Or, download an extension package from some other source, and unzip it
  • Follow the installation instructions in the contrib topic.

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