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REVINFO -- revision information of current topic

%REVINFO% is equivalent to %REVINFO{format="r1.$rev - $date - $wikiusername"}%


  • %REVINFO% expands to r2 - 24 Nov 2015 - 17:13:28 - JulianeDohm
  • %REVINFO{"format"}% expands to r2 - 24 Nov 2015 - 17:13:28 - JulianeDohm


Parameter Description Default
"format" Format of revision information, see supported formatting tokens below "r$rev - $date - $wikiusername"
=web=" Name of web Current web
=topic=" Topic name Current topic
rev Specific revision number Latest revision
Supported formatting tokens:
Token Unit
$web Name of web
$topic Topic name
$rev Revision number
$username Login username of revision
$wikiname WikiName of revision
$wikiusername WikiName with Main web prefix
$date Revision date. Actual date format defined as {DefaultDateFormat} in configure
$time Revision time
$iso Revision date in ISO date format
$min, $sec, etc. Same date format qualifiers as GMTIME{"format"}


  • %REVINFO{"$date - $wikiusername" rev="43"}%
  • To get the latest revision, even when looking at an older revision:
    %REVINFO{"$rev" rev="-1"}%

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