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RENDERZONE - render the content of a zone

Rendersa zone. See ADDTOZONE for an explanation of zones.


Parameter Description Default
"zone" name of the zone   (reguired)
=format=" format string for each item added to the zone
$item <!--<literal> $id $missing</literal>-->
missingtoken string assigned to the $missing format token for use in the format parameter.
$id: requires= missing ids: $missingids
chomp remove leading and trailing whitespace from formatted items, can be useful for pretty-printing and compression. off
header prepended to the output  
footer appended to the output  
separator put between each item of a zone  
The following tokens are expanded in the format string:
    • $id - id of the ADDTOZONE call within the zone currently being rendered.
    • $item - text of the ADDTOZONE call within the zone currently being rendered.
    • $zone - the "zone" currently being rendered.
    • $missing - if the ADDTOZONE call being rendered required any id which was not found, then $missing is the missingtoken parameter; empty string otherwise.
    • $missingids - comma separated list of ids that were required by the ADDTOZONE call currently being rendered but weren't found within this zone.
Supports the standard format tokens in all parameters.

HELP header and footer are not output if there is no content in the zone (nothing has been ADDTOZONEd ). However they are output if the output is the empty string (at least one ADDTOZONE has been processed).

HELP Zones are cleared after being rendered; they are only ever rendered once.

HELP head and script are automatic zones. They don't require a corresponding RENDERZONE anywhere in the templates - they are automatically inserted before the </head> tag in the output HTML page.

HELP Normally, dependencies between individual ADDTOZONE statements are resolved within each zone. However, if {MergeHeadAndScriptZones} is enabled in configure, then head content which requires an id that only exists in script will be re-ordered to satisfy this dependency. ALERT! {MergeHeadAndScriptZones} will be removed from a future version of Foswiki.

ADDTOZONE Using ADDTOZONE, Updating applications to use script zone
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