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User Form Help

Before changing this form, please read the guidelines at Customizing the User Form below.

Customizing the User Form

If you want to change the user form, you would first want to make a copy of this form to the Main Web. That ensures your changes stay intact after a Foswiki update.

To create a custom user form, do this:

  • you will return here after saving

  • Or create a copy by hand:
    1. Take a copy of this topic and save it to Main.UserForm
    2. When editing your new UserForm topic, change the entries in the data form definition. You may remove all explanation around the table.

ALERT! Your form changes will only be visible in a user topic after it has been saved.

ALERT! Please keep the UserRegistration form and the user form definition in sync. When you update the user form you need to edit/save the System.NewUserTemplate (not recommended, see below). This ensures that the fields are in the right order.

A form for new users

If a new user registers, the new user page is prefilled with the contents of System.NewUserTemplate. That template also contains a user form, based on the form definition in System.UserForm.

If you use a custom user form, you ought to use a custom 'new user' template as well. This will make your changes safe to future Foswiki upgrades.

To create your custom new user template, do this:

  • you will return here after saving

  • Or create a copy by hand:
    1. Take a copy of System.NewUserTemplate and save it to Main.NewUserTemplate
    2. Set the topic form to your custom Main.UserForm topic

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