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public package Foswiki::AggregateIterator

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public package Foswiki::AggregateIterator is a Foswiki::Iterator

implements Foswiki::Iterator

Combine multiple iterators into a single iteration.

new(\@list, $unique)

Create a new iterator over the given list of iterators. The list is not damaged in any way.

If $unique is set, we try to not repeat values. Warning: $unique assumes that the values are strings.

hasNext() -> $boolean

Returns false when the iterator is exhausted.

next() -> $data

Return the next entry in the list.

The iterator object can be customised to pre- and post-process entries from the list before returning them. This is done by setting two fields in the iterator object:

  • {filter} can be defined to be a sub that filters each entry. The entry will be ignored (next() will not return it) if the filter returns false.
  • {process} can be defined to be a sub to process each entry before it is returned by next. The value returned from next is the value returned by the process function.

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