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Author(s): Michael Daum
Version: 2.0

Shrinks all urls in a given container whose link text exceeds a given size and have no white spaces in it, that is don't wrap around nicely. If the text is skrunk, the original text is appended to the title attribute of the anchor.


JavaScript API

 $("#container a").shrinkUrls({
   size:<number>,           // max size (default 25)
   include:'<regex>'       // regular expression a link text must
                           // match to be considered
   exclude:'<regex>'       // regular expression a link text must
                           // not match to be considered
   whitespace:<boolean>,   // true: even shrink if there's whitespace
                           // in the link text (default false)
   trunc:<head|middle|tail> // position where to insert the ellipsis

Foswiki integration

Add the class name jqShrinkUrls to a container to process all anchors inside.

<div class="jqShrinkUrls" data-size="25" data-whitespace="true">
   <a href="#">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam vehicula est et felis imperdi</a>


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