University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)
Institute of Computational Biology

Nancy Stralis Pavese, Senior Scientist

2005 PhD in Genetics at the Boku. Ph.D.
Thesis advisor Prof. M.H. Gerzabek and Univ –Doz. Dr. A. Sessitsch.
Dissertation title: Molecular ecology of methanotrophic bacteria associated with different vegetation types in landfill lysimeter experiment
1999 Diploma in Genetics at the univie, M.Sc.
Supervisor Prof. W. Lubitz and Dr. B. Kuen.
Thesis title: Recombinant PrV – Layer proteins as candidate vaccine.

Publications in Scientific Journals

29. Atanasova, L; Gruber, S; Lichius, A; Radebner, T; Abendstein, L; Münsterkötter, M; Stralis-Pavese, N; Łabaj, PP; Kreil, DP; Zeilinger, S. (2018). The Gpr1-regulated Sur7 family protein Sfp2 is required for hyphal growth and cell wall stability in the mycoparasite Trichoderma atroviride.

28. Shridhar,S; Klanert, G; Auer, N; Hernandez-Lopez, I; Kandula, MM; Hackl, M; Grillari, J; Stralis-Pavese, N; Kreil, DP; Borth, N. (2017). Transcriptomic changes in CHO cells after adaptation to suspension growth in protein-free medium analysed by a species-specific microarray. J BIOTECHNOL. 257: 13-21.

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26. M. Griesser, N. Stralis-Pavese, N.C. Lawo, D.P. Kreil, A. Forneck (2014). Developing a Genome-Scale Assay to Probe the Expression Response of Phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Fitch)-Induced Root Galls of Vitis ssp. Acta Horticulturae, 1045, 21-27; ISSN 0567-7572.

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21. D. Kumaresan, M. Hery, L. Bodrossy, A.C. Singer, N. Stralis-Pavese, I.P. Thompson and J.C. Murrell (2011). Earthworm activity in a simulated landfill cover soil shifts the community composition of active methanotrophs. Research in Microbiology, 162: 1027-1032.

20. D. Kumaresan, N. Stralis-Pavese, G.C.J. Abell, L. Bodrossy and J.C. Murrell (2011). Physical disturbance to ecological niches created by soil structure alters community composition of methanotroph. Environmental Microbiology Reports, 3(5): 613-621.

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18. P. Vishwakarma, M.G. Dumont, L. Bodrossy, N. Stralis-Pavese, J.C. Murrell and S.K. Dubey (2009). Ecological and Molecular Analyses of the Rhizospheric Methanotroph Community in Tropical Rice Soil: Effect of Crop Phenology and Land Use History. Current Science, 96 (8): 1082-1089.

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Conferences, Peresentations and Cooperations

11. 55th Annual Drosophila Research Conference. San Diego, USA. 26-30 March 2014

10. 22nd European Drosophila Research Conference. Lisbon, Portugal. 21-24 September 2011

9. 21st European Drosophila Research Conference. Nice, France. 18-21 November 2009

8. N. Stralis-Pavese, L. Bodrossy, M. Konrad-Köszler, A. Weilharter, T.G. Reichenauer, D. Schöfer and A. Sessitsch. DNA- and mRNA-based community analyses of methanotroph populations using a microbial diagnostic microarray. 11th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology, ISME-11 Vienna, Austria. 22 August 2006. (poster).

7. N. Stralis-Pavese, A. Sessitsch, B. Sandjong, A. Weilharter, T. Reichenauer and L. Bodrossy. Microarrays in: Molecular ecology of methanotrophs and identification of Salmonella serotypes. Talk at: AIT-Austria Institute of Technology Gmbh, Bioresources Unit, Seibersdorf Austria / Molecular Environmental Analytics, Seibersdorf, Austria, 03 Mai 2006.

6. N. Stralis-Pavese, A. Sessitsch, A. Weilharter, A. Watzinger, T. Reichenauer and L. Bodrossy. High throughput analysis of methanotroph diversity and community structure using a microbial diagnostic microarray. Talk at: AIT-Austria Institute of Technology Gmbh, Bioresources Unit, Seibersdorf Austria / Molecular Environmental Analytics, Seibersdorf, Austria, 29 January 2006.

5. N. Stralis-Pavese, A. Sessitsch, A. Weilharter, A. Watzinger, T. Reichenauer and L. Bodrossy. High throughput analysis of methanotroph diversity and community structure using a microbial diagnostic microarray. Invited talk at: COST Action 853 (Agricultural Biomarkers for Array Technology) Lyon, France, 29-30 November 2005.

4. N. Stralis-Pavese, A. Sessitsch, A. Weilharter, A. Watzinger, T. Reichenauer and L. Bodrossy. Molecular ecology of methanotrophs in landfill site cover soils .Talk at: AIT-Austria Institute of Technology Gmbh, Bioresources Unit, Seibersdorf Austria / Molecular Environmental Analytics, Seibersdorf, Austria, 07 June 2005.

3. N. Stralis Pavese. Detecting plant viruses using microarrays. COST Action 853 (Agricultural Biomarkers for Array Technology). Workshop, York, UK, 25-29 October, 2004.

2. Cooperation program- Call Excellence, United Kingdom. University of Warwick, Department of Biological Sciences. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. J Colin Murrell. Stable-isotope probing and microarray for detection and identification of methanotroph bacteria. 01 March– 30 Mai 2007.

1. Cooperation program- Agrobiotec, EU Canada. University of Saskatchewan, Department of Soil Sciences. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Germida. Detection/identification of catabolic genes involved in the degradation of hydrocarbons. 21 July – 4 October 2003.
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