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Institute of Computational Biology

Lukas Schönmann

Contact: lukas.schoenmann

I'm currently working towards a master's degree in biotechnology here at the University of Life Sciences, Vienna. My main focus lies on bioinformatics, with a special interest in data visualization, AI, text processing, and reproducible science. What I love most about this field is its rapid development, where new exciting tools are emerging every week.

Right now I am doing research on how to do association mapping, i.e., linking genotypes to phenotypes. I want to compare traditional variant-based genome-wide association (GWAS) and machine learning approaches.

I enjoy programming and sharing with the community, so together with my brother, we developed CRAN/E, a modern and advanced front-end for searching R packages hosted on CRAN. The code is available as open source on GitHub, and we do not earn any money with this project.

Abstracts for Conferences

1. Schönmann L, Himmelbauer H, Dohm JC. Haplotype divergence of flowering time regulator genes in sugar beet and wild beets. 2nd Beet Resources Conference, online, Vienna, Austria (Oct 2022)
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